Friends of KDS

Our scheme, ‘Friends of KDS’, is administered by long standing member, Rosie Thirde. If you attend our shows regularly, or plan to do so in the future, it pays to join the ‘Friends’ so that you are guaranteed your choice of tickets at a discounted price, simply by paying annually in advance. An average show costs the Society £6,000 to put on, with many of the costs falling due prior to the performances. As such the ‘Friends’ scheme means we are receiving ticket revenue in advance of the production, to help cover these costs. It’s also a great way for members of the public to secure tickets at a premium rate.

As our Business Manager, Rosie is also responsible for selling advertising slots in our programmes. These are suitable for local businesses, clubs, churches and the like, to alert the community to their existence and range of services offered. These advertising spaces are sold at very competitive rates and are sure to be read by our audience.

Please contact Rosie for more details on either of the above. Her telephone number is 01505 873088.